I am ready for Spring now…..

WARNING…picture overload!
So Sunday Matt and I decided to work in the yard, clean things up and plant new flowers! I am also so proud to say YES, The Christmas lights are finally down!!!!!! But I think we underestimated the amount of work we carved out for ourselves….we spent a good 6 hours straight on Sunday in the yard!
We stocked up at Lowe’s! Flowers aint cheap friends!

Here is a embarrassing before shot of a few of our planters…………………..

My “work station” in the backyard……the boys were such a good help if you can image! HA!

Matt trying to clean out “creepy corner” in our backyard………this is a weird corner of the yard the previous owners did and we try to keep it under control although it has a tendency to look like a jungle back there!

The planters by our front door, I love the way they turned out!!! I got all these at the Dollar Store or on the Lowe’s clearance rack! No one will know the difference from a expensive pot from a cheap one!

I love this planter!!! So pretty….I hope this will last thru the hot Oklahoma Summer! I upgraded to the Miracle Grow Moisture Control soil, I hope it will live up to it’s name!

Our front patio after some major weed control, power wash and new planters! You can see our rose bushes in the back corner, we have a few buds already coming thru!

Ok guys…..round 2….last year my garden never grew, they didn’t even come out of the soil… so keep your fingers crossed for me. This year I have Rosemary, Tomato plant, Basil and Jalapenos!!! Gosh I hope they do well!!

Our newly planted pots…….Abner checking things out giving us the ok! This is in our backyard by our back door!

Here is our front door again……..it is amazing how some fresh mulch can makes things look SO much better, it is like a whole new house! And putting out mulch is back breaking work might I add!

Some new flowers, I like the bright yellow which will add some happiness to the back yard!

I also filled my 2 Bird feeders……..here is this morning from my office window do you see the 2 Cardinals? One in the tree and one on the feeder! Yes, our fence is on it’s last leg!

Lastly guys………yesterday and today I feel like Quasimoto, my back and legs HURT soo bad! Who knew working in the yard was such hard work!??? I mean this is funny………when I was throwing up all day yesterday all I could think about was how sore my legs were as I was squatting in front of the toilet! HAHA! No joke!

Do you have your yard ready for Spring?

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  1. Becky
    April 19, 2011 / 6:53 pm

    I love getting color in the yard after a long winter! I need to get some pics of our flower bed posted too.

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