Born to be Wild

 Today Born to be Wild is release across most of the US, this is a documentary about an amazing charity I support in Africa ( I adopted one of the elephants)….The David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation. This is a foundation that helps rescue Elephants who are orphaned due mostly to poaching. What many of us do not realize is that baby elephants will usually die of grief, Elephants are highly intelligent and always grieve their dead. This foundation has formed a process in which these elephants do not only live but flourish and eventually they are able to be released back into the wild. This would be such a wonderful movie to take your family too, I think it is so important to expose yourself and your family to new things…….and maybe after watch a movie like this you too will be more focused on conservation. I hope that you will also see in this movie how amazing all God’s creatures are and that they deserve to have just as wonderful a life as we do. This movie also will introduce us to another foundation that helps monkeys. I have posted the preview before but here it is again…..

That preview makes me very emotional……I am filled with love, love for animals I don’t know and I am also filled with overwhelming emotion when I see just amazing animals are. I know it may sound silly but I think this may be called passion. So I urge you to find where this movie is playing and go to see it with loved ones……and if it is not playing near you, call your local theater and request that they do! If you were wondering you Okies… is playing at Quail Springs this weekend!
Happy Friday Everyone!

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