Thankful Thursday

You know what I am Thankful for? My Board position at Junior Hospitality….. my 2nd year as Community Outreach is nearing an end and I am so Thankful for what I have been able to do with this position and what it has done for me!
My biggest responsibility is our Grant process and last week I met with my grant committee as we hunkered down and found 3 finalists! Everyone at the table got to present the grant they were assigned to “investigate” and I love to see the passion we all have after meeting with the people you become close to your organization …. we all root for them!

Look at this table……..everyone brought great snacks to keep us going and I am so excited to have a final 3 that we love!!!!! I can’t tell you who they are though!

What is next? Well I contact the finalists and I then have them come to present to our membership where it is then put to a vote! And then I get the great/sad job of calling to congratulate the organization or to say “please try again next year”

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