Scentsy in the Spring

Do you know what March is?? The debut of the Scentsy Spring and Summer line which I adore!!! Below is a great new warmer called English Ivy and there are a ton more brand new warmers!!!

The Scent of the month is Jumpin Jelly Bean that smells like a sweet lime scented spring day! This scent is also 10 % off all month!

This cute warmer is dotty and this baby is also 10% off all month! This is so cheerful and inviting!

Want to see all the new Spring and Summer? Click here is visit my site and it is so easy to order and have things shipped to your house!!! Questions? Leave a comment!
I will also say this is my 2 year anniversary of selling Scentsy and it is the most easy thing I have done!! I am so thankful for the extra cash it brings in! Thinking of selling? Leave me a comment and I will get you more information!

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