Five for Friday

Today’s Five for Friday is 5 Random Fact about you……….
1. People always say I look like someone, I must have “that” face. In high School when I had a blonde bob people always stopped me to say I looked just like Natalie one of the Dixie Chicks, then in college for a bit I had almost white blonde hair and people said I looked like Gwen Stefanie….and most recently and the hardest to believe EVEN with my dark hair several people say I look and remind them of Kendra from the Girls Next Door who is now on DWTS! I mean in what world do I look like her?

2. This morning I had a mini-meltdown! While I was getting ready for my TV interview….my hair was all wrong, my spray tan looked bad and I discovered that my knees are fat…the cellulite has seemed to inch it’s way down. SO I had to calm myself during the drive. I am crazy.

3. I have had a migraine EVERY day this week. I am almost out of meds and I am straight up sick of being sick.

4. When I work from home I look like a homeless person……mis-macthed sweats, glasses, no make up and crazy hair ……wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. I am in a reading rut! I hope I snap out soon!

SO guys….let’s try this again……do a 5 for Friday list on your blog and then submit your blog link below!! It will be fun….

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  1. Becky
    March 25, 2011 / 8:56 pm

    I did last week's list, so I'll be a week behind you each Friday. But I love this idea and I am getting ready to link up to you.

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