Five for Friday….

Ok, I am taking in your suggestions and kinda combining a few things from blogs I have seen to do….. drumroll please……….. 5 for Friday! I may start doing this every friday ….who knows (if it is a hit)!

5 Things I am doing this weekend:
1. I am going to Book Club tonight at a cupcake place which makes me excited!
2. I am going to the mall tomorrow to look for a baby shower gift for a friend and to find a dress to wear to Chips for Charity
3. Tomorrow night Matt and I are going on a double date with our friends Becky and Tony to see Red Riding Hood in the Warren Balcony! excited! I will let you know what I think come Monday!
4. I am going to clean house and grocery shop as usual
5. I sure hope to lay on the couch and watch my DVR’ed shows!!

5 Things I loved this week:
1. I am loving Bravo!!! As in Top Chef, ALL the new Housewives, Bethany is BACK… that channel!
2. As I mentioned earlier I am loving the Glee CD!!!
3. I am loving my meds………I am weird I know BUT I have had a migraine almost everyday this week and if I didn’t have medicine that *sometimes* works I would want to kill myself (for real)
4. I am LOVING my book on tape I am listening to … and from work everyday…The Other Woman by Jane Green!! I love it and so you know the other woman is the main characters Mother In Law! Super funny!
5. I am loving my friends at work! We have a great table….we all sit together and chat all day! Makes the day so much brighter!

So…………. Now it is your turn!! Post your 5 for Friday and link up below!!

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  1. Becky
    March 12, 2011 / 2:23 pm

    I love "5 for Friday"…I MUST steal this next week! Love it, love it!

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