Picture Overload is upon us…….
First of all look at my nails!! LOVE them….now were they easy? Not so much! It took me about an hour but the end result was worth it!

Saturday during the day was Chips set up…… is so nice to see all our hard work pay off…..Here is the wine pull which I worked all night! We sold 115 bottles of wine at $10 a piece! A nice added bonus for our Grant money! All the proceeds goes toward The Bethel Foundation to help single mothers!

Look at these centerpieces!!! A local florist donated them, I thought they were great! Perfect for our fun Vegas night!

Here is my “team” …..we wrapped each bottle of wine over the past few weeksn and for $10 you get to pick one….you can land a $10 bottle or up to a $70 bottle! It is a game of chance!

Here is just one of the auction items, we had over $22,000 in products, trips and experiences donated! I wish I would of gotten to go home with something! boo

Matt and I! What sucks is you can’t see my awesome earrings! I should of worn a necklace instead….should of could of would of. You like my $19 dress? I was so proud to be wearing such a bargain!

This is my dear friend Jennie and in her belly is Connor who will be here next month! Can’t wait to meet him!

Lacey, Susan and I…….all JH gals wear boas so if you have questions of anything you know who to ask! Where is mine? Well, I cheat a little bit…..they are just so hot!

Here is Matt, Tony and Becky, Karlin……Karlin won the GRAND Prize! Lucky duck!

Oh yes…….we had “Showgirls” this is a Vegas night after all! I LOVED them…..they even put on a drag show that was a HUGE hit! We had a Lady Gaga and a Diana Ross! hahaha

Here is one of my best friends Becky and I! She looked so hot! You should of seen her shoes!

These two girls (Lindsay and Natalie) I work with and they are so much MORE than work friends! I call us the “3 Amigos”……

Oh ya, work it work it…..Becky and her hubby Tony..I will use this to blackmail Tony one day! “Everybody clap your hands….”

We had an amazing food buffet and all beer was included in the ticket price also! The food line was so long, glad I was first in line (go figure)

My great friend Allison and I!!! I invited her to join JH 2 years ago and I am SO glad she did!

Well guys…it was an amazing time! And I am stilled pooped today!! And you will not believe this…my thighs are so sore from working the wine pull….putting bottles on the table, under the table….etc! So pathetic I could barely make it up and down my stairs at home yesterday!

Happy Monday!!! Remember to enter my contest…… ends tonight!


  1. jenna ♥ a little blue
    March 28, 2011 / 2:38 pm

    your nails look amazing! and it looks like such a great event :)happy monday!!

  2. Becky
    March 28, 2011 / 5:03 pm

    You got some great pics…send them to me in email so I can add some to the scrapbook. It was such a great event! And I am still hurting today and I didn't do 50,000 squats at the wine pull.

  3. Caroline
    March 29, 2011 / 3:27 am

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my post earlier! I was so bummed when I found out the price of the Sally Hansen strips- I'm sure I'd goof up half the box and once started adding up all the different styles I wanted to try and I was up to $60 before I knew it! They really do look great though, might just be worth a little splurge :)For now I have my eye on the houndstooth, "misbehaved," and "laced up" Glad your fundraiser went so well! Looks like a ton of fun 🙂

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