Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I did!!! Friday night was our monthly book club night and it was extra special because we met at the Warren Theater to eat dinner in the restaurant upstairs. We did our regular book club chit chat and then we went to see I am Number Four a book we have all read! Regardless how good or bad the book to movie transition is…I love seeing a book I have read come alive on screen! Here is the group, I love love these girls and I am so thankful for book club it is hands down my favorite thing I do every month!

We saw a 10:15 movie and how funny… I do not remember the last time I saw a late movie! And getting home at 12:30 was crazy to me, yes I am so cool! SO even though I was fighting back the yawns I loved the movie! For starters everyone in this movie is good looking and that doesn’t hurt! HA, and I will say it is very Sci-Fi so I am not sure if you will love the movie as much if you haven’t read the book! But I thought it was enjoyable!

THEN, Matt and I saw Unknown on Saturday…..2 movies in 1 weekend? Shocker! I LOVE Liam Neeson!! He is so handsome and combined with his voice makes him a nice package! This movie is intense and does have a twist at the end that you will not see coming! I highly recommend this movie.

I also spent Sunday putting together my coupon stuff…….this is a bag I won at the class…Matt went to race dirt bikes yesterday ALL day so I had a day to myself. Well, one that included cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and coupons!

Here is my new coupon box and I used my coupons for the first time yesterday at Homeland and for a first timer I was thrilled that I saved $22.45!! Hey, you have to start somewhere!! And if you want to visit her site and have not already it is http://www.couponcloset.net/ !! Stay tuned maybe next week I can save $30? Who knows!


  1. Jodie
    February 21, 2011 / 5:09 pm

    I was in OKC this weekend and I saw I am Number Four and Unknown!! How funny!!! I live in a small town in NW Oklahoma… I wish I could find a group to have a book club with!! Looks like fun!!

  2. Becky
    February 21, 2011 / 9:15 pm

    I love your box. I can't wait to put mine together.

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