Valentine’s Day Challenge

{Feb 13} I {LOVE} when I feel beautiful/sexy/pretty! This happens when I…

This one is kinda hard because lately I have been very very down on myself and no I am not just asking for you to tell me otherwise, it is true….. I am pale and chunky! But when I really think about this I love myself much much more and feel pretty when I have a tan (spray or not)! I look like a different person, like there is life to me. It makes a HUGE HUGE difference in how I feel about myself….but at the same time isn’t it odd that I am so lazy I rarely tan or go get sprayed? I am a walking contradiction! The last time I was sprayed and looked my best was at Matt’s Birthday last October……

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  1. Jodie
    February 14, 2011 / 7:00 pm

    I know what you mean about having a tan!! I am the same way!! I have stumbled across your blog and all I have to say is…. I LOVE IT!! I swear… we have so much in common its not even funny!! 🙂 I could spend all day just reading your posts!! I am new at blogging, (not the best at all). Thanks for all the awesome blog post!! I will enjoy following you and reading more!!Happy Valentine's Day!!

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