So the weathermen were right, for once…

So they were right….and you will not believe how this all started at about 9pm Monday….”Thunder Sleet” yes you heard me it was thundering and lightening while “sleeting” large ice chips for about 3 hours. I could barely sleep and then I woke up to this…..

Oh ya, and this… apparently it was snowing inside my house too. UGG, only me would this happen to …our windows are in such bad shape with is what we found in each window seal. So if anyone wants to gift me with new windows that would rock!

It was a blizzard outside until about noon yesterday, very pretty to watch though from my warm living room of course…..I can work from home but when Matt has a RARE day off there was no way I could get anything done! So we had a movie day, I baked and then made a delish soup for dinner!

Yes, we treat our animals like children and bundled them up to go play in the snow. They were so excited it was the best! But with wind chills below 0 we all could only bear it for a few minutes!

My weenies checking things out!! So cute! They would run inside to warm up and then 5minutes later come barreling out the door for a another minute before going back inside again! They had a ball!

Ralphie, my sweet sweet snow puppy…he loved it and cried at the door to play in the snow all day!

Yes, this is him diving into snow drifts that were taller than him. The down side? Try drying off 3 dogs at the same time before they make a mad dash for our furniture! HA, you can imagine what my house currently looks like!

The whole city is still shut down today including our airport, the high today is 7’……..yikes! Matt just left to make it into work, I hope he is safe!!! Well guys I have to get some work done, later!

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