Let’s get physical…

Let’s take a nice walk down memory lane…….So I have been blasting the Glee volume 4 cd in my car for a week now and my favorite song on the CD is the Olivia Newton John/Sue Sylvester “Lets get physical”!!! I just LOVE it!

You see this song is really my first memory of a song, when I was little (3-4ish) my mom would dress me up just like Olivia in leggings, leg warmers you name it and we would “work out” in the living room to Olivia’s Music! We even had little dumb bells and workout mats!
Below is a picture of me around the age of 3 in dance class rocking leg warmers!

My mom is a young mom so at this time she was only 24 and the two of us would work out and dance around the living room every morning!! (mom and dad below) So I guess you could say I grew up on Olivia, fun thing is about 7 years ago my mom and I got to see Olivia Newton John in concert!!

Below is the Glee version (no clue why it is so small) so as you watch this video go on and imagine a 4 year old me dancing in leg warmers to this song! Now that this song will be in your head all day today, you can thank me later!

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  1. The Frasiers
    February 21, 2011 / 12:40 am

    oh my!!! you look so cute!!!

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