Lakers got Lucky

Yesterday I went to see the Thunder take on the Lakers and this time I went with my bestie Melissa in her companies seats! My family was in their regular seats and as soon as we walked into the Ford Center we ran into my sister!

Funny thing we didn’t plan this AT ALL but we both showed up to the game with the same Thunder shirt! Great minds think alike!

The crowd was loud and crazy……what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

The Lakers are very dramatic and big babies as you watch them play if you ask me! The game was neck and neck and we lost in the final 20 seconds! Heartbreaking!

I LOVE the game openings…… is like the movies for me, I wont go if I miss it!

Rumble is the best mascot! He puts on a show and this time he repelled from the roof onto the court to start the game!

Can you see him??? Rumble was flung out of a human sling shot to fly across the air and make the basket! So fun!

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  1. Becky
    February 28, 2011 / 7:24 pm

    That looks like so much fun! We've got to get to a game. And tell Melissa she looks fantastic…can't even tell she has two little ones at home.

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