Cheers to 50 more…..

 What am I thankful for today? That last night I got to help my mother in law Micki celebrate her 50th Birthday! We had Mexican last night (I gobbled up spinach enchiladas)……nothing better than some chips and salsa to say Happy Birthday! Here is Jeff & Micki my in laws!

 Matt was able to meet us for dinner at 6:30 but then had to go back to work to come home at his normal time which is after 9:30! So actually eating a meal together mid-week was a nice surprise!

 This is Micki and “the kids” including Michael (my brother in law to be) who deploys for 13 months officially tomorrow. (far right) The kiddos….Matt, Me, Jennifer, Colby, Michael and Landon

What did I get her? Well last week when I took the salt class I told you all I bought something but didn’t want to say……I got both Micki and myself Red Hawaiian Sea Salt and Blood Orange Olive Oil that went so amazing on the chocolate ice cream! I am sure she thought I was nuts….put the Olive Oil where? I promise people it’s good! Chocolate ice cream, drizzled with orange olive oil, sprinkled with red salt and topped with vanilla bean whip cream! Divine!

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