Better late than never?

A ton of people in the blogging world are doing this super cute Valentines Day week post thing! (technical terms there people ha) and I decided I wanted to join….better late than never huh? So I will catch you up to date on the 2 days I am behind…..get excited….

 {Feb 7} When I need some me time I {LOVE} to…

If the “me time” we are talking about is solo time then I love to get in the car by myself, no music just the sounds of everyday life around me and I head for a mall or the nearest Target! I LOVE to shop alone! But if the “me time” is spent with people who are not family then I am happiest on the 1 Friday a month that my book club gals get together! Below is a fun pic from when we went to a movie that was a book together! I just love being around women who share the same love for reading that I do and it is a bonus that we all love the movies too!

 {Feb 8} When I’m feeling down, to cheer myself up I {LOVE} to…

When I am feeling down and I get home from work to find a magazine in the mailbox that does the trick! Really, I subscribe to pretty much every magazine you can image but I am partial to my Food Network Mag…..when I reach in the mailbox to find a stack of magazines I run up the driveway like a fool as fast as I can so I can plop down on the couch and devour them! Yes, that does the trick! Oh and pretty much everything in the cake family also does the trick!

{Feb 9} If I could travel anywhere this snowy February, I would {LOVE} to go…

Drumroll please…………………AUSTRALIA “your going to Australia and you and you” (Oprah?)

 Really after watching Oprah’s 4 day extravaganza to Australia I am dying to go it seems so breath taking, lush, relaxing and so many sites I want to take in! I also just finished the Pioneer Woman’s book and that is where they went on their honeymoon! I think it is a sign!

 I want to party on the beach of the great barrier reef with Chef Curtis Stone?! HA

 I want to hug a baby Koala Bear! You know I do………..

Well maybe one day Matt and I will get to go there…hmm…my 30th Birthday is coming up! HAHA in my dreams!

Well, all caught up……love is in the air this week!

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