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Hi guys, last week I told you to ask me questions and I would answer anything….I got a couple via blogger and facebook, I have some answers for you…….
* How do I get my eyelashes to look so long, are they fake?
No, I am lucky that they are mega long and I will say that even on the weekends if I wear no make-up I always curl my lashes to “wake up” my eyes. But as to how I make them up? Here is what I do….I curl them first (hold the curler for at least 30sec on each) I then put 1 coat of mascara (Maybelline great lash or whatever is on sale) I then wait while I do the rest of my make up and finally I curl them again with the mascara already on! And wham, you are done! The double curl is where it is at!

* What is my favorite go-to recipe?
Well this is way too hard I have so many, spaghetti would be the easiest and quickest. But I also LOVE my easy Chicken enchiladas you can see them HERE! But as of last night I will have another go-to recipe…I made the Pioneer Woman’s Drip Beef (the second recipe) and it was TOO die for! Yes, 6 hours is a big commitment but it is worth it! You can check out her recipe by clicking Here!

*My favorite Drink?
Well, due to my migraines I do not drink and have not had a drink in around 8 years. I do however have 1 (only 1) glass of wine with my food on weeks that I am doing well and I am easy to please. I also love ice tea…not sweet just plain old boring ice tea! (preferably my moms)

* How do I handle newlywed life?
Well we are 3 years into this married life of ours and I love it………but an honest answer is we manage…we don’t get to see each other much due to Matt’s job but that is not going to last forever. Also I can not STAND it when people say “we never fight” it is such a lie, what is the big deal? We do fight, sometimes just bicker and sometimes a knock down don’t back downer……but I realize there is no one else I would rather fight with! And if I didn’t love him so much then I wouldn’t even bother to fight so I think it is a good thing. Also, we and everyone has to make more time for each other….it is easy to live in the same house and have different lives which I need to work on more. I love that we value and love the same things such as a Saturday night doing nothing but laying on the couch….those are the things I love best.

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