It’s Monday…

Hi Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend….mine was great but too short as always!! Matt and I went to see The Dilemma on Saturday night and would you believe we actually went to a late showing……I am such a rebel! HAHA! I thought this movie was cute and that Vince Vaughn and his facial expressions made the whole movie! But….but, some of the characters were “quirky” like Channing Tatums role but the movie didn’t tell you why he was weird so I found it odd….. And I kept thinking “why?” Over all I think this is more of a renter or a dollar movie night out!

Friday night I had book club which was so much fun…….look at these cute Shortbread bears and it was the perfect Winter night for a coffee house….yumm!

Just a peak at some of the books we talked about on Friday, it is funny how after I leave book club I feel “re-invigorated” and I want to run home and read!

The gals……………Next month is book club and a movie, a book we loved is coming out in a movie! Excited

So last night I made such a fun dessert with the help of this “dessert cup” pan from my favorite site Sur La Table! To get your own for under $10 click HERE!!

I made Brownie cups and I wasn’t sure on the cooking time so I started it at 1/2 the time on the brownie box and checked from there! It was about 20minutes with my oven.

I wanted something super easy so I got this yummy boxed brownie mix! I just wasn’t “feeling” my trip to the grocery store yesterday! Lucky me they were delish!

LOOK how cute these guys are! I was so glad they didn’t stick to the pan which always seems to happen to me! And yes, I turned them out just after a few minutes of cooling!

Just add ice cream for a yummy dessert that looks like I slaved in the kitchen for hours!

So last night was the Golden Globes and I LOVE awards shows and there were 2 ladies that stuck out to me on that red carpet……Carrie Underwood´╗┐ looks beautiful! I love how glam she looked!

But Olivia Wilde is STUNNING when I saw this dress I was giddy, this is breath-taking! This picture doesn’t do her justice, I could picture myself in this now! (Ya, right) She looks like a princess which actually she IS….her hubby is a prince! No joke

I LOVE Ricky Gervais and his opening monologue was so shocking and oh so funny!!! The jokes about The Tourist were hysterical! Watch it here……………..

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  1. No Longer Newlyweds.
    January 17, 2011 / 5:04 pm

    Pass on your book selections!Can ya'll have some babies soon…I want a little Matt and Nicole to look at. =)

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