I spell Tomatoe you spell Tomato

First of all how the heck do you spell tomato? (Talk amongst yourselves) Secondly, you know what I hate? Tomato butts!!! Yes, that weird knob left on the tomato that was once attached to the vine. I always discard this part when I cut up a fresh tomato, always……………….

So why must they be included in everything else? I literally go thru each can of diced, stewed and roasted tomato’s I use when cooking and pick out the “butts”, it is gross. I mean at restaurants they leave them in salsa, sauces, burgers……could they not have taken the 5 seconds to cut it out?

Am I the only crazy person who this bothers so much? Does the cheese stand alone?

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  1. Caroline
    January 26, 2011 / 4:26 pm

    Haha – I had never heard them called "tomato butts" before! I love it. I too hate tomato butts. I had no idea they were included in canned tomatoes – I've never really looked, but not I think I have one more thing to add to my list of compulsions. When I was in high school and worked at this "gourmet" [aka really overpriced] burger restaurant, and when we prepped tomatoes for burgers/sandwiches/etc there was a little tool that looked like a serrated melon baller that we used to scoop out the butt [that sounds disgusting!] before we sliced them. I normally just slice off the whole top and cup around the stem area. I swear, in Utah we only get good tomatoes for like 4 weeks, and even then they're like $4/lbs. You know what I hate more than tomato butts? Banana stumps!!

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