This week…

Hello! Guess what? My computer is fixed! But right now while I am enjoying time off forgive me if my posts are not as regular…….who wants to sit at a computer all day when there is fun to be had?? You know what else?? I have gotten ALL Christmas shopping except 2 items DONE-Finished-Wham! Wow I know! It feels good and the presents under the tree keep growing!
Now…………..check this out, this is my front yard! All day everyday this week I have about 6 construction workers in my front yard from 7am-6pm! What are they doing? Something with the water lines for the city…who knows! It is awful and I don’t even check my mail because every time I leave they all stare! I mean AWKWARD

And if you can imagine the dogs are going crazy and can you blame them? I mean at lunch I have like 6 guys posting it up under my tree with the Christmas deer! LOL

Attention all OKC peeps…..tomorrow I am doing a Holiday Show with Scentsy at The Fountains at Canterbury! From 10am-3pm….it is open to the public and you should come and say hello! There will be a ton of different vendors so come do some Christmas shopping!!!
Here is the address……
1404 Northwest 122nd Street, Oklahoma City, OK

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