My new job….

Happy Friday…..I can’t believe that my first week at the new job is coming to a close! It has been a week filled with classes, training, new friends, new routine and a ton of new information to absorb! I am essentially a Landman and in 2 days we learned so much info that I was overwhelmed (who wouldn’t be?)…..but thankfully as the week has gone by I am beginning to filter the information and recognize what I will and wont use!
I have been bringing my lunch everyday………looks like a grade schoolers lunch but I like it! HA

This is the setting…..classroom style currently. We had class in here and then we are all set up in tables with our info and laptops, it is very much a group setting learning as we go together!

Here is my handy work book and yes, we are having a “test” next week over the material to see what we have and have not retained! So I will be doing some studying this weekend! Everyone has been very helpful!

Now, I am not going to lie …..I am SO glad the weekend is here and tonight I have a surprised line up for Matt, tomorrow we have plans with friends a cooking class (how fun) then Sunday will be filled with cleaning and cooking for my mom’s birthday party! Whew……before I know it, it will be Monday! BOO!
So the point is so far so good! But it will get more intense next week…..wish me luck!

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  1. Kelly
    December 19, 2010 / 4:27 pm

    Sounds so exciting with the new job!! Training can always be a little scary, but it sounds like it is going so well for you. Hope your enjoying the weekend!!

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