Ellen Hopkins

So if you are wondering where my book reviews have been lately? Well, I have been immersed into the world of Ellen Hopkins! I got turned onto these by Matt’s cousins (thank you) and have spent the last 6 weeks reading everything she has written! LOVE them! Crank, Glass and Fallout are a trilogy and the rest are stand alones. The theme through out is drugs (she relys on personal accounts of her daughters substance abuse) and I will say some are hard to read but they are soo intriguing! I will say that while these are marketed as “teen books” they are SO NOT, I am shocked by these sometimes!!! So if you are looking for a new author to read you will LOVE these!

Have you read these? Thoughts? I have started The Last Summer of You and ME and so far a huge ho-hum! I am thinking that 80 pages in and I should be hooked by now but I am not. We will see!

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