Do you ….

Ever feel like when your off work and have some time for yourself you get so busy doing God knows what? I mean this is suppose to be a time of relaxing before the new J-O-B on Monday but the list of things I want to/need to get done each day is overwhelming!!!! Today I have to start addressing Christmas cards, work on Scentsy orders, run errands, go to the Oklahoma capital to get an LLC in my name and the list goes ON AND ON!!! But I will tell you I have something to look forward to tonight………………………….
MICHAEL BUBLE!!! yes, second time this year and 5th time to see my love Michael! I am so excited and my fingers are crossed he gives us some Christmas!
Anyways that was just a little of a vent, thanks for listening……I can’t believe I only have a few more days off!

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  1. Kaylyn
    December 8, 2010 / 3:40 pm

    I felt the same way the week of Thanksgiving! I took the week off…and because of the holidays I spent so much time running errands around time and Christmas shopping, decorating, baking etc. that I didn't leave much time to myself!I've taken Christmas week off too…so I plan on doing it right this time!Enjoy your last few days off…good luck with the new job too!

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