Christmas Eve

Does it feel like Christmas has already came and went? I can not believe it is over and I am already at work on Monday! BOO!
Christmas Eve we spent with Matt’s family and started off the evening with church, such a nice way to get in the true Christmas mood! We have the best time with his family eating a nice meal and opening presents! Micki my mother in law is so creative and thoughtful… Look at these cute boxes…..these held every ones “stocking goodies” ! So cute!

Trees never seem to take the best pictures so just imagine theirs with lights! Beautiful!

Matt and I on Christmas Eve! And no, please don’t ask I am not pregnant even though it may look so below! HA (I have a sway back people lol)

This is my MIL and my sister-in-laws! Jennifer, me, Micki and Colby who is newly engaged! Congrats to her and Michael!

SO this snazzy Christmas Tee was hiding under Matt’s sweater, he looks 1 part cute and 1 part redneck! And why yes, there are Christmas lights on the Bud!

I got a ton of great gifts including gift cards, MOO-Lah, a cute outfit and a animal themed planner where the proceeds goes to charity! They know me so well!

And my part of the meal was dessert so after scouring the Internet I decided on the Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Rum Cake! It was super yummy and a few bites were a little stout! The recipe is HERE

Ok, this gift basket is from Jennifer, Matt’s sister and she knows me so well and was so thoughtful…..We got a foodie gift basket from this new gluten free gourmet food store! The basket held everything you would need to make French Onion Soup, bread, homemade cheese and wine! If you live in OKC and want to check it out (Heidi) Here is the info….
Epicureans Pantry
1333 N Santa Fe Ave

And what would a Holiday weekend be without a snuggle-fest?? I love this picture! My beloved Abner!

Stay tuned for Christmas Day and a movie review!

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