Christmas Day

Christmas is a double whammy day for my family… is also my cousin Brittany’s Birthday! She was 21 on Christmas day! Marissa (my sis) made her a traditional 21st Birthday trash can, you can use your imagination as to why this was/is a Tri Delt tradition! I still have mine in my attic!

I got BOOKS! Unlike this kid who’s video is all over the internet I loved them………………………

HAPPY Birthday! Yes, that is only a #1 on her cake who knows what happened to the 2! LOL

My sister and brother eating yummy Italian Cream Birthday cake!

3 amigos, traditional Holiday gathering photo! I love these two gals!

Mom and Curtis joined us for this one!

I made my brother a Marine scrapbook filled with pictures of his training, pictures of home, our animals and with a sweet message that said where ever the military takes him he will always have a piece of home with home!

THIS is the aftermath of Christmas!! Thanks to Dad for cleaning it up!

Matt was sick (he is still sick at home) so this is the only picture he let me take!

Christmas was great I got books, Rachael Ray cooking stuff, gift cards and money! And Sunday to round out a great Holiday weekend we went to see Meet the Fockers with my parents! It was what you would expect….silly, cute and maybe a renter but I enjoyed myself!

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