Christmas Come Early….

So if you know me then you know I get ants in my pants when it comes to gifts!! So last Friday night after a wonderful meal at The Melting Pot I talked Matt into opening his gifts! I think it is more fun for me than him! He was like ” no no I don’t have all of yours” but who cares I say! So Friday was all about Matt!
Here is our tree….tons of family and gifts! I love Christmas time and all the presents under the tree……

We started late after a long meal so at first we were like zombies until Matt opened one and WHAM he was excited and awake!

Funny thing is this picture…he is actually opening a gift from Ralphie! LOL! The “boys” aka dogs got Matt news socks and underwear due to the fact that they steal all his on a daily basis!

Ok, so Matt only mentioned once in passing while watching an IPad commercial that he would love that….so he had NO clue…just the way I like it! He was shocked! And it feels so good to give someone something so big and fun… makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Matt was a tad mad because we set a gift limit that I wound up spending more then double! I can’t help it!

He also got a weekend trip gift that I can’t mention until after Christmas………and he got a leather IPad case, new work messenger bag, some clothes and movies! So Matt had a super Christmas and it has only just begun!

Ok, here is my Isabella……she stays upstairs so the boys are not all over here but she LOVES Christmas!! So she came running down the stairs to be in the middle of the action….it is soo cute! I love having my little family all in one room it makes me smile!

Stay tuned for my post about my Mom’s Bday meal!!! Tonight after work we have a nice dinner party with Matt’s work…so I am excited!


  1. Becky
    December 20, 2010 / 7:52 pm

    So what is he gonna have to open up on Christmas Day?

  2. Kelly
    December 20, 2010 / 11:51 pm

    Whoo-Eeee! Is is a lucky boy this Christmas!! 😉 What an awesome present. It would have been really hard for me to keep that secret too! Hope you had a great Monday 🙂

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