Tuesday Tidbits!

Guess What?? Today is my Friday! I am stoked and I am kicking off the Holiday weekend tonight by volunteering! I am going to help at The Bethel Foundation as they pass out their “Thanksgiving Food” boxes to families in need! It will be nice to start this Thanksgiving by giving back!
So this past weekend Matt and I did all our Christmas decorating so this weekend we can relax and have nothing but fun! Here is our little tree! Let me tell you a story about this tree……
This was my first tree, when I was 21 and living alone I went to a Christmas store and put this tree in lay way and here it is folks, I still use the custom bow I had made on top (which Matt hates by the way)! 9 years later this tree is still doing it’s job and when my cat Bella was little she use to crawl up it and live in the tree, it was so cute! One day when we have a bigger home and we are able to get a bigger tree this little guy will still be around too!

Lucky us, we already have a present under the tree!! All our animals practically fight over who gets to lay under the tree! Each year we buy a cheap tree skirt that we can throw away come January…..because trust me they go thru alot at our home!

Uh…so…..Guess What????? My brand new Coach purse that Matt got me for our Anniversary made Oprah’s Favorite Things list!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and I think Matt is quite proud of himself!

So Oprah also had these “blinging” Uggs on her list and I love them!! So help me friends should I ask for a pair for Christmas? If so what color?? I agree they kinda look like space boots but they were so cute on Oprah’s models yesterday!! To have or not to have?

I am sad this is Oprah’s last year to do her Favorite Things! boohoo…..yes, I love her show and I will be devastated next year when it goes away!

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  1. Becky
    November 23, 2010 / 3:53 pm

    I love your sweet tree…and the present underneath. But I do not love uggs. They are not on my favorite things list. I think they are Ugg-LY…sorry 😀 (I don't just mean the ones in your blot, I mean all uggs, I just don't like 'em)

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