It has been too long..

Hi Guys! So if you haven’t noticed my weekly recipes have been missing and frankly I have been uninspired. I think the fact that I am cooking for 1 and that is getting kinda old. Why am I cooking for 1? Well I have mentioned before that Matt works everyday 8am-9pm and has since January, now in the 11th month of this and cooking for 1 is less and less fun. But I did make 2 really simple dishes this week that you could make for a easy dinner or nice lunch!
First up, Grilled Veggie Sandwich!
In a bowl combine chopped sun dried tomatoes, EVOO, chopped Basil, salt, pepper and chopped garlic. Next, you will need to slice up a Zucchini and eggplant to coat with this mixture.

Using a grill pan, grill your veggies until soft. But be careful when a eggplant is cooked too long will turn into mush.

I then toasted my baguette in the same pan after I turned it off for a few minutes to crisp it up…

To build…..spread the remaining Sun dried tomato mixture on each side of the bread, crumble fresh goat cheese then add your grilled veggies and to finish add baby spinach leaves!
This was a really great meal that was full of flavor and so good for you! You should try having 1 vegetarian meal a week and this is a great start!

Next…. Zucchini Boats, yes Rachael Ray has a version of these that I have made before and that is where I got the idea. Two nights ago I didn’t know what to make and I had random ingredients some of which are leftover from the sandwich and with this meal you can add anything you like!
I had onions, garlic and button mushroom that I sauteed until soft with EVOO……….
While you do that slice a zucchini length wise and hollow out the inside (keep the inside in a bowl). In a 375 oven cook the two sides of the zucchini face down for 10minutes.

In the bowl with the zucchini filling you will want to add your onion and mushroom mixture, bread crumbs, mozzarella cheese, spinach, salt and pepper. Remember any of these ingredients are interchangeable with anything you have on hand!
Now fill up your boats, top with Parmesan cheese and bake for 12-15 minutes! And Wham, yummy and healthy dinner!

The same night I made the boats I was craving a dessert (shocker I know) and here is something easy I whipped up that you can too……I cut 2 slices of the frozen Sara Lee pound cake, drizzled them with honey and baked for 5minutes.

I then whipped my cream adding powder sugar and citrus extract to the whipping cream to add some flavor…….

I added the cream to the pound cake and topped with lemon zest and there you have a easy dessert that anyone will love!

Well guys….hopefully from now until the Holiday’s I will be trying some new recipes to share with everyone! And don’t forget to click on the “In the Kitchen” on my navigation bar for all my past favorite recipes! I even look back from time to time and find old recipes I love!

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