I apologize

It seems a bit counter productive to talk about a little complaint after doing my Thankful Thursday post but then again it is my blog so ?!?! HA
Ok, so there is a person who works in my building at work and I understand it is not always easy to make small talk daily with people you don’t know well but….every SINGLE day he asks me the exact same thing…………”Are you having fun yet?” and I nicely reply “sure” or “of course” but what I really want to say is “NO, if work was fun they would call it FUN not WORK”!!!!!!! I am not sure why this bugs me so bad but it does. ?! Do you have someone who asks you the same thing day after day?


  1. Megan
    November 11, 2010 / 3:53 pm

    Yes, I know exactly where your coming from. I used to work with this guy who all the time would say in his hillbilly accent…"Just SSSMMMIILLLEE Megan" OMG! I don't just sit at my desk and smile all the time and just because I don't doesn't mean that I am not happy. The last time he ever said it to me I was having a bad day and I didn't like him anyways so he came by and said that and I just went off on him. LOL Needless to say he always kept to normal talk and never bothered me with stupid comments any longer.

  2. Robin howell
    November 11, 2010 / 4:23 pm

    Oh my word, Nicole!! I HATE it when people say "are we having fun yet?!?!" it's like nail on a chalkboard. Unfortunately my boss (who is totally awesome in every way, except for this) says it ALL. THE. TIME. it's all I can do to just keep my mouth closed!!

  3. Andy & Nicole Kidd
    November 12, 2010 / 1:21 pm

    Everyday one of my co-workers says "Are we having fun yet?" How can so many people be saying this??? Where did it even come from?? And yes, it is annoying 🙂

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