Heartfelt Tuesday

Born to be Wild is a new documentary about orphaned wild animals and the people who save them. This documentary is also a look into the wild and the effects we as people have had on these animals. When I watch a trailer like this my heart fills up with so much love I feel as if it could burst. This is so neat because the place featured that takes care of the Elephants is the Sheldrick foundation and the exact place I am asking to “adopt” a elephant for Christmas. Watch………..

You know when I see a place like this or learn about people who devote their lives to these animals I just feel so small. I try…. I try to raise awareness about animals and animal causes, I try to rescue those I can but at the same time I feel like I should be doing more. I feel like a little girl with big hopes and dreams but while I “dream” of doing more some people are actually doing more. !??
I didn’t mean to get so serious on everybody on a random Tuesday but it is hard for me to express how I feel in my heart. I feel like a do-er who doesn’t do enough.
Sometimes my love for animals scares me, it deepens daily and sometimes I worry I am setting myself up for a future of tears and heartache. Wouldn’t it be easier not to care?
Food for thought.
So I think we should all watch the documentary above and let your children watch so they to can grow up with an awareness and respect for God’s creatures. Next April 8, 2011 is Earth Day and you know where I will be!

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