Happy 100!

This past Saturday I had a family reunion and not just any family reunion……we had a wonderful reason to come together and celebrate…….my GREAT Grandma Ruby is 100!!! Yup you heard me, I still have a living Great Grandma she is my beloved Granddad’s mom! Below is a picture of her 100 years young……….

My G-Grandma Ruby lives in Sulpher, Oklahoma and her backyard backs up to a state park and as my sister and I were driving on Saturday to Dickson, Oklahoma we reminisced about our grade school days when we would spend whole days walking the park, enjoying family and eating huge spreads that Ruby would cook us. It is sad that as we have gotten older the less we get to spend time with her……even sadder I think I was a blonde last time most of these people have seen me. Quite a shock I will say when they saw me!

The Birthday Party/Reunion was held at the Dickson, Oklahoma Senior Center/Town Hall/Police Station….and no that is not a joke. That is how small this town is. Below is my mom, myself, my Oma and Marissa!

They decorated the place real nice and all the pictures were of Ruby’s 100th Birthday photo shoot. We had a lunch and every item on the menu was hand picked by Ruby, her favorite meal! It was real nice to reconnect with some people again and I was very excited to add a few new facebook friends today!

The story of this cake is that Ruby ALWAYS wears cowboy boots, her whole life and her favorite pair was and is her red boots! That may be the strongest memory everyone has of Ruby stomping thru the house in her red boots ……..and yes, she wore her red boots on Saturday!

My dad took alot of the pictures so hopefully later this week I will add a few more but the one below is very neat…. There were about 90 people in attendance all related to Ruby….and we had 5 generations in one room! This picture is ALL the grand, great grand, great great grand kids otherwise what I like to call “Chaos” yes yes, I was the only person other than my sister in like the WHOLE room without off-spring! LOL, but after Saturday I will wait a bit longer!

This was a tiring day combined with 3 hours in the car but also a day I wouldn’t trade! Happy 100 Grandma Ruby!

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  1. The Frasiers
    November 9, 2010 / 3:56 am

    so sweet!!!

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