Christmas is around the corner…

Ahhh that sweet sweet word…CHRISTMAS!! This morning on Facebook I saw that so many people have already been posting pictures of their tree and decorations and I can’t wait to join the early bird club this weekend!! You know what is also around the corner? Christmas Card time!!! So I was pretty excited to see the sweet deal that Shutterfly is having for bloggers. I’m a sucker for a good deal and of course a sucker for amazing Holiday cards at Shutterfly. If you haven’t checked out their website yet. You.are.missing.out. Seriously. Go now. Here is one card I love…………. and NO, I don’t know these girls!

They have everything from calendars, photo books, and a web site that you can share all your photos to friends and family. Basically they have everything. You should start by browsing some of their cards TODAY! You can do it by clicking HERE!

I could not be more excited for these Christmas holiday cards of course they personalize and that is a winner in my book. Now the hard part is finding the right picture to use? I think I might use a picture of Matt and I from this past weekend!!! Last year a few of my friends did Happy New Year cards which I think it such a neat idea, and yup you know it Shutterfly has them too! You can find those HERE! 
So guess what???…To all my Blogger friends click HERE and you can sign up like I did to get 50 Cards FREE!!! I am so excited and after all the money spent in Denver this could not of come at a better time!

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