Busy Busy weekend…..

Hello Blogger world! I am so sad the weekend is over, I need 1 day to rest up from my busy 3 day weekend! I have alot to catch everyone up on!! Friday I was a sandwich making MACHINE~ I literally stood in an assembly line from 7:30am-2:00pm and I am so proud of my group about 8 of us made OVER 1500 subs that day! Can you believe it? Was it fun? heck ya, I love doing this and getting to chit chat with other girls makes the time fly! I do not have any pictures because I only stopped once to go to the restroom and eat a quick bite! The event was so successful and we raised a ton of money for charity!
Skipping ahead to Sunday me and some JH ladies volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House by making and serving dinner for the patients and family members of those sick in the hospital! We had so much it is easy to forget that some people would call this “work”!

Anyone, group or family can volunteer to do this…want to learn how to sign up? Click HERE to lean more! BIG thanks for the girls pictured above for being such hard workers and eager to help….it makes my job as coordinating all these volunteer activities so much more fun!
Sunday before I began cooking for that nights meal Matt and I got up early and deep cleaned the house! A awful chore but luckily we work as a team and before we knew it we were able to relax and enjoy a super clean house! Whew! I am tired just talking about my weekend! I will fill you in on my Saturday later this afternoon!

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