Weekend recap…picture overload!

Hi guys, here we are at Monday again……..where do the weekends go? Well, I guess I will show you where mine went………
Friday night before initiation I took Marissa to dinner and this is the only picture we got together because pictures were not allowed once the ceremony started! Yes, Marissa is in solid white and was not allowed to wear make-up and I was to wear solid black! We looked quite odd at dinner!

I went up to her dorm and gave her a congrats bouquet!! Marissa you look beautiful without make-up…she was mad at me for taking pictures! This was a real special night something we will always have to share!

Here is a friend of mine from my days at Tri Delt, Whitney…we were at the Delta house waiting for things to start! She was initiating her cousin! You can check out her adorable family by clicking HERE!

After getting in real late on Friday 6am Saturday morning came TOO early!!! Here is my dear friend Allison and I bright and early at the Susan G Komen 5k in bricktown! She is a champ…her and her hubby were at the front of the line and ran the whole thing! Way to go…..

Here we have me and the JH ladies representing!! We had a great time, we can make anything fun!

I love this picture……….and yes, even our beautiful preggo Susan rocked this 5k! She is having another little girl in December! Get it girls…………

There were so many people over 20,000 we all felt like cattle! You really could not do anything more than a brisk walk! This is the last bit before the finish line!

YAY us! Yes, yes……this was our first 5k and yes, the poor sign girl hated us you can see it on her face! I was a tad sore on Sunday and I do realize how pathetic that is! But you have to start somewhere!

I got home from the race and added our Halloween decor to the fall we already had out…….here is a new Halloween sign I LOVE!

You like our skull? Matt did this, we also have some bones in our other flower beds!!!

And here we have the mantle…..I love the haunted sign and by the tombstone we have glittery spiders! Who is Bella? My cat, we have a tombstone for the whole family…we are silly like that!

Saturday night we had dinner at my parents to celebrate my brothers 25th birthday!!! Below is my sister and cousin Brittany! And heck ya, I am rocking my “Save the Dolphins” shirt!

All the “kids” in the family……we have a small intimate family! Happy Birthday Curtis!! I hope you have a safe flight home today see you on Turkey Day!

Whew!! It was a busy weekend so on Sunday Matt & I vegged out on the couch all day and it was heaven!! Happy Columbus Day! 🙂


  1. Marisa
    October 11, 2010 / 3:16 pm

    Congrats to Marissa! How special that you were able to be a part of her initiation!

  2. Becky
    October 12, 2010 / 4:41 pm

    Hey! Send me some of those other race pics…they would be good additions to the scrapbook.

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