Weekend Part 1

Hi guys, last Friday Matt & I went to see Hereafter in the Balcony of the Warren and that is always a fun time. The movie? It is very hard to explain, I liked it alot but I don’t think this is for everyone. This movie is very depressing and there is not really any climax but a rather long story. So…..my honest opinion? Maybe you should wait to rent it.

Saturday morning me and the JH ladies volunteered at the City Rescue Mission and we played “Minute to Win It” with the children. The CRM is a homeless shelter that not only provides a place to live and meals but so much more. To see a cute “blup” about JH and to learn more about the mission click HERE!

I decided to not post pictures of the children on my blog for a few reasons but I will show you some of the games we put together…..the one below was a HUGE hit…….catch a pretzel with a gummy worm!!!

This one was hilarious, watching everyone use their face to move a oreo to your mouth….all the  kids were walking around with oreo on their face all morning!

This was a huge success….and this is what I do, I put together all volunteering for JH as well as the grants and service drives! I beam with pride when we make a difference and events I put together are a success! Thanks Girls!

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