Walk down memory lane…

Hello, today is my 3rd Wedding Anniversary and let’s take that yearly walk down memory lane together. I tried to use different pictures this year that maybe you all haven’t seen yet!
In 2006 this was my proposal, amazing I know! And this picture with the flash does not do it justice! Matt did a more than wonderful job!

Since our wedding theme was “Fall in Love” we had a chocolate fountain and a “Make Your Own Smores” Bar, complete with mini burners to roast marshmallows with….

I love love loved this cake, Amy Cakes is amazing and these days you have to book a year out for a wedding and months early for Birthdays! Lucky me, she is doing all of Matt’s Birthday stuff for Friday and I am so excited! I love cake! HA, You can visit her site here!

I loved my centerpieces, my wedding planner Cara did a fab job! It was classy, rustic and filled with fall colors!

We also had a Halloween Candy Buffet! This was a huge hit, I ordered tons of bulk fun Halloween candy online! Gummy Vampire teeth anyone?

So romantic with all the candles and the ice sculpture. This is one of my favorite pictures because that is Matt & me in the background! To visit my photographers website click HERE!

My dad and I………. and no, I didn’t walk down the isle to the traditional wedding march I mixed it up a bit!


I Loved our kissing balls that lined the isle!! Can’t believe it was 3 years ago, in one regard it seems like yesterday but in another way I can’t seem to remember this day very well at all! It is a blur in my memory…

Well, Matt times flies when your having fun! Happy 3 years love!

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  1. Becky
    October 28, 2010 / 9:16 pm

    Happy Anniversary! How long did it take him to carve all those pumpkins? And…how did he do it without you knowing. Crafty fellow you got there.

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