Thankful Thursday

Hi friends! Happy Thursday….one day closer to Friday! What am I thankful for today? Well my brother is in town thru the weekend to celebrate his 25th Birthday!!! My brother Curtis is an Officer in the Marines and he is stationed at Camp Pendelton outside of San Diego and I have not see him since May I believe. (He is on the right)

I want to wish Curtis a HAPPY QUARTER CENTURY!!! Happy 25th Birthday (tomorrow) to you! Everyone is so excited that we get to see you and celebrate with you! What did I get him for this milestone Birthday??? Well, tomorrow on his actual Birthday is the Muse Concert here in OKC so I got him 2 tickets to go have some fun!!! I really wanted to go with because I love Muse but I will be with my sister Marissa all night as I am initiating her into Tri Delt! So I hope he has fun!

Curtis is smart, hard working, funny, silly and tad bossy…. we all love him so!  Very Thankful you are here! Ps…Ladies, he is single! Takers?

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