Stage Fright II

Hello again…..I am now going to give you all the amazing details about Saturday Night’s Ghost Hunt. Let me start by saying not everyone is a believer, in fact some people are very adamant about things being fake or imagined……well, good for you but just skip this post please. I do believe, and I believe in my experiences I had and I prefer not to get into a debate with non-believers over what I am writing! Thanks!

I enjoyed the paranormal class at the beginning of the event…….we got to see past evidence, listen to different  theory’s on why ghosts exist and learn more about the equipment! After that we got a short dinner break before the dead time began!

Last year I went with Matt but this year I went with two girlfriends Becky & Natalie! I could not of had more fun with these two, this is something we will always remember!

Like I talked about last year this theatre is amazing, it is beautiful and full of rich history. Something that was SO neat is how this has been owned and run by 1 family since the beginning and the remaining son came and spoke to us. He gave us stories, personal experiences and informed us he believes that his parents are still here. That was so neat to hear combine him with the full moon and I think they helped encourage the paranormal activity to spike Saturday night.

I had a digital recorder with me and I just finished reviewing my audio, did I catch something?Yes, I did…..answers to questions and foot steps to validate things that we heard and experienced! So neat! We also got to experience the Ghost Box, something I have been really into learning about when the shows use them. LONG story short, it uses wave lengths and a word data base to allow spirits to speak…did it work? YES! It was amazing. We all introduced ourselves and then our guide say are you ready? And the box said “Ready”!!!

I am going to tell you somethings I experienced…….last year nothing like this happened so this time was different  but oddly enough it was not scary at all. It was so cool…….
* While we were in the basement dressing rooms and the guide said “ok, can you stop doing what you are doing to me and do it to someone else” well well well……something began tapping me on the right shoulder…when I said something she revealed that was the EXACT same spot she was talking about! It felt cold, soft and so amazing! You could tell this was not threatening but I felt comfortable.
* People in our group in the main auditorium began seeing a shadow move behind everyone and shortly after while I was sitting in the seat my chair was pulled, hard enough for me to turn around and accuse the guy behind me of pulling my chair.

Those were my two personal experiences and when the evening came to a close I wanted to stay and do it again. This was so neat and I know both my friends experienced being touched and heard foot steps walking behind them! To learn more about Insight Paranormal you can click HERE! They are so great!

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  1. Becky
    October 26, 2010 / 4:32 pm

    I had SO much fun! I can't wait to do it again. I also can't wait to hear about your hunt in guthrie in a few weeks.

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