Social Network

Saturday night Matt & I went to see Social Network and had dinner in the Moore Warren Balcony!  We always have the best time in the balcony and we were excited to see this movie that everyone seemed to be raving about! This isn’t a movie with a huge climax and if you watch the news over the last few years then you already know the outcome but with that being said we really enjoyed this! The actors in this movie is what makes the movie, everyone was prefect in their roles and they made this so real that you could of thought they were playing themselves!. And I will have to add this to my girl readers the guy who plays the twins in the movie (yes, it is only one guy) is SOO good looking and he played arrogant so well! I do recommend this movie and it was very odd Facebooking that Matt & I were headed to go see a movie about Facebook! Did anyone else see this? thoughts?

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