Ever have one of those days….

So last night was one of “those” nights……I was so looking forward to making the Pioneer Woman’s Cauliflower soup and I was going to have my mom over for left over lunch today! Well, if you know anything about PW’s recipes you know they are no 30 minute meals….so for 45minutes I sauteed, chopped and made a bechamel sauce. I will also add that I already had a loaf of french bread cooking in the oven when disaster struck……as I reached the point to stir in 8 cups of Chicken broth and the bechamel sauce low and behold…..SUDS!!! A absolute soap filled mess……someone not naming names (MATT) didn’t rinse out the pot well on Sunday night and my 45minutes of hard work was a soapy mess! I could of screamed…..you know what I had for dinner after I poured ALL this soup down the drain? A loaf of bread, yes that is right I drowned my sorrows by consuming enough carbs to feed someone for a week!
Here is the mess…………

Then, it gets better……………..tonight I have JH and I need to bring a snack so I was going to make Paula Deen’s Herb crackers made with a Ranch packet. Well well well….it is no where to be found and they have to be refrigerated overnight so what I did find in my pantry was a Taco seasoning packet………….

So I will give my new creation a whirl…….1/2 cup veggie oil, 2 boxes of ritz bitz and in this case 3/4 a packet or Taco mix! Keep your fingers crossed they turn out!!! I will call this one Cheesey Nacho Bites!! HA

All I can do is laugh, it was just one of those nights!

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  1. Caroline
    October 19, 2010 / 5:27 pm

    That's so sad! Funny to look back on, but definitely sad and frustrating at the time. Minus the suds the soup looks really delicious!Sounds like something that would happen at my house 🙂

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