Amazing Animals, please read….

Hi friends…..yesterday on Oprah the show was dedicated to Amazing Animals and as you already know this was right up my alley and had my full attention. Bear with me as I hop up onto my “soap box” and share alittle about the show and what all this means to me. I am also going to show you a few ways you can HELP! I mean me just watching the show and shedding some tears does nothing to educate others or spread the word on how you can make a difference. Do you know that October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!? I am so lucky to have this blog and if even one person is moved by these stories, your heart is softened to animals or if ONE person donates then my job is done…….
First up Oprah had on Kanzi an ape that has learned how to communicate using symbols. Kanzi knows over 5000 words via symbols and can carry on whole conversations. (She loves pizza) And while I was watching Oprah discussed how this raises the ethical question on the treatment of animals, how Kanzi can help show the world that animals do have feelings, are aware of their surroundings and are smarter than we think. HECK ya they are…I firmly believe 110% that when God made us he didn’t cut corners on animals, I believe he made them just as smart as we are but they communicate differently. I challenge anyone who thinks animals do not have feelings.

Next up was a Marine who told the story of how while being stationed in Afghanistan his troop befriended a pack of wild dogs and one night as a guy wearing a suicide vest stormed their camp the dogs attacked, dragging him away from the barracks and saving the lives of hundreds. One dog passed away while the other two were found to have grave injuries, luckily those 2 made a complete recovery. The point is these dogs were willing to give their lives to save us, these dogs knew something was wrong and did everything in their power to help. I well up just re-telling this story……dogs, animals in general are so wonderful and regardless of how they are treated they would do it all over again.

The picture below just exudes love and care to me…….another story Oprah touched on is the overwhelming amount of baby elephant orphans in Africa. They are orphaned mainly due to illegal poaching luckily there is one amazing organization that has stepped up to help…..the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! This organization has been around for well over 40 years taking in babies, raising them and successfully re-introducing them into the wild. I could go on and on about how wonderful elephants are, they are emotional creatures who even mourn their dead. How do I know? I have watched a few specials on Elephants, they are so complex and amazing it is just another example of God’s loving touch. Do you want to help? For $50 you can “adopt” a baby….the $50 will give the baby vet care, food and love you will even be supplied with updates on how your little one is doing. To learn more about this amazing organization or to find out how you can help click HERE!

Also on this show Oprah did an update on a past show dedicated to animals, puppy mills and organizations that are doing their part to help. I remember this show because this one show broke my heart into a million pieces and forever changed me. I assume that when some people know they want to have a baby that your hearts fill up with so much love and overwhelming emotion that you know it is right….well that is what my heart does when I see an animal, watch a show about an animal in need or see a story on the incredible love animals have to give. I can barely describe it, my heart literally is so full I feel like it could burst out of my chest if I don’t do something. Oprah checked back in with the most wonderful place I have ever heard of…….an Animal Hospice called Angels Gate. This is a place for disabled, abused and unwanted animals, a place they can go to live out their days in peace, love and filled with happiness. This place makes me cry for so many reasons……..I cry thinking of how some of these animals were abused, I cry for the ones no one wanted and I cry because I am so happy that this organization is here for these animals. I do not want to be a Debbie downer but if you want to learn more and I encourage you to donate….please click HERE to see how you can help!

Lastly I want to leave you with a story full of love and Faith….Oprah said this little gal is one of her favorite guests and she is mine too………………..

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