Thankful Thursday

You know what I am thankful for today? Even thought in Oklahoma none of the leaves have started to turn like the picture above I am thankful that the time is getting closer. The Oklahoma State Fair started today and for me this event really rings in the start of Fall like a White Trash Save the Date “Fall is upon us”!!
I am also Thankful that I am so ahead of the game….Matt’s BIG 30th is next month and I already have plans made and presents bought. I just seem to get so excited I can’t wait to give him his gifts! I am a big gifter according to the 5 Love languages I am a “Gifter” and that is how I show my love towards others!  So true!
Lastly, I will be so Thankful if I have a big turnout at my Scentsy Party Sunday…..I need money to back up all of Matt’s Birthday spending! So please come! 🙂

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