Thankful Thursday

Ah yes, I realize it is Friday but I have been doing a TERRIBLE job at Thankful Thursday’s! SO better late than never right?
*I am Thankful that today is Friday….is it just me or has this been the longest short week ever? I am Thankful for one last weekend filled with nothing before my Saturday’s start to fill up! I am going to decorate for fall tomorrow around the house and while Matt watches the OU/Florida game I am going to take on the task of “switching out my closets” from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter! I sure can’t wait til I have closets big enough one day that I don’t have to do this anymore!
*Another thing I am Thankful for is last weekend…it was beyond great!!! Matt and I relaxed, had good food, had a cook out at his parents, went shopping and then relaxed some more! It was picturesque!
*I am also Thankful for Vampire Diaries being back (funny I know) but last night was GREAT…I didn’t realized how much I missed the show while it was gone until last night!

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