She works hard for her money…..

Hi Friends! So about a year ago I showed you where I worked and now a year later it is somewhere new! Since I spend 40 hours a week here, work seems to be a home away from home. Here is the story I am an office manager for a new branch of a real estate company. While the space was being “built out” I worked out of a “break room” of another company for 3 months!
Here is the office park I work at……..lucky me, it is 2 miles from my house! There is NOTHING better than going home at lunch to watch Racheal Ray with my dogs!

If you will believe it…..this is the break room that 6 of us (yes you heard that right 6) worked out of for 3 months! It was cozy and fun for about 5 minutes, I am so relieved I have my own space and desk now!

Switzers Locker Room is owned by former OU coach Barry Switzer and we worked out of their break room. They rent out storage units. And I made friends with their manager Erica!

Here are a few “during” pictures!! I survived 3 months of pounding, staining fumes, construction workers using the women’s restroom as well as power outages and our AC Units being stolen on a 99 degree day! Whew!

A work in progress………………

This is “my room” the front reception area! Hurry up, hurry up! Across the hall is going to be a Morgage Company as well as a Title company.

Here is the after!!! This is the seating area near my desk! The walls are a tad more rust/red in person! And the room smells like pumpkin pie thanks to my Scentsy!

YES!!!! I have a desk! And yes, that is a purple pumpkin filled with Halloween Candy already! I am most excited about my window! 3 months with no window is brutal!

My humble abode! “Paradigm AdvantEdge may I help you…..”

So there you have it! Now you can picture me and know where I write my blog (sometimes) and spend most of my time! You should show off your work!!!! Do it!

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  1. Becky
    September 28, 2010 / 7:47 pm

    Orange walls? What in the world???

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