Passion into Social Change

I have to admit something right off the bat, it is really hard for me to wrap my head around what I want and need to say in the post. So forgive me if this is choppy.  Let’s start off with some history……I wrote about The Cove back in April and I would like you to take a minute to read what I wrote before I start again today, this way I won’t repeat the “back story”. Click HERE!

Do you realize that yesterday, September 1 was the start of the 2010 slaughter, as you read this dolphins are being killed in Taiji. So I saw the killing scenes from the documentary back in April on Oprah and I have have known ever since that I need to watch the documentary in it’s entirety but I have been too scared to. I DVR’ed Sunday’s showing on Animal Planet and I decided last night was the night….. I can not put into words how deeply this affected me. You may think this is silly but my heart literally ached and I did not just cry tears but I experienced emotions so deep it truly was like a member of my own family was being killed. Ric O’Barry is amazing, you can just see the sadness all over his face. And I feel his pain on how he literally believes he started “The Flipper” craze, he is a great man. And something that stuck with me from last night was this phrase…….”Social change is brought about by passion from individuals” and that could not be more true. Now, what to I hope to gain from this post? Just like the Oprah show opened my eyes to something I had no clue about….if this post does that for one person and then that person shares this with another it is that cycle that is the first step to finding a solution.

This Friday on Animal Planet they debut the new series Blood Dolphins with Barry and I Urge everyone to watch this. You can learn more about the series by clicking HERE!
I have another inner struggle I am going to “talk out loud about”……………………
I LOVE animals, LOVE them and that part of me wants to go to Zoo’s, Sea World, etc to see these animals. But after watching The Cove; it seems the best thing I can do is not support the continuing of “captive animals”. So that is an inner struggle inside of me. I love them and want to visit them but??….. After learning how being in these “shows” affects the dolphins and how by supporting these types of “parks” that can indirectly support the killing of dolphins the choice seems clear…. Don’t GO!
Now, what can we/I do from here? Because my/our tears won’t save these animals. Here are some things we can do right now….
1. Write to our leaders
2. Sign the Facebook Petition by clicking HERE
3. Text DOLPHIN to 44144, and sign the letter straight from your phone
4. Visit this site…..
5. Watch the documentary and watch the show Blood Dolphins
6. Tell your friends and family

Thank you for listing to my jumbled mess, we all know my love for all animals….and to be honest if you are not moved by this documentary than….well, I don’t know what? You are no kindred spirit of mine. Feel free to pass my blog link to others.


  1. Lauren Ford McMurrey
    September 2, 2010 / 6:54 pm

    Amen Nicole! I completely agree with you and support your activism and that of Barry.

  2. Natalie
    September 2, 2010 / 10:44 pm

    I completely agree with your stand on this. I look up to you that you watched all of the documentary, to be a real activist you have to throw yourself down into the pits of it all. About 3 years ago I watched something on the news about how they put the dogs down at the pound, it really did change me to my core when I saw that. I know you have such a big heart for all animals, you are such a great person for doing all of the things you do.

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