I’m an awful mother….

Today is Oscar’s 4th Birthday and I forgot until I got out my planner just a minute ago!! I didn’t sing to him or anything this morning!!! Oh Oscar, you make our family complete…….when I met Matt I had Isabella my cat already but you were the first child Matt & I adopted together!
A few fun facts about Oscar…..
1. He is a Hoarder, he hoards toys and refuses to share. He is a tad OCD but we love him.
2. He runs along the fence line daily barking….we call this “Securing the perimeter” We are safer because of you!
3. He “purrs” when we rub or scratch him… he just lets out this soothing growl which is his version of a purr!

Happy 4th Birthday!!! I love you so so much! You make my life 4xs better than it was before you!

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  1. Elisha
    September 8, 2010 / 4:20 am

    aww! Happy Birthday Oscar! I have a boston terrier and she "purrs" too when you pet her in the right place

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