Huge News….

So last night I get home from work, walk in and turn on the TV…my TV always goes to one channel (4) and the news was on… the minute it came on was “Health Check” and the topic was “Migraine Gene Found“……Here is the jest of this amazing story…..
Migraine sufferers may soon be offered a cure after researchers in Britain uncovered the faulty gene responsible for causing the debilitating headaches. Unlike a regular headache, this condition brings on the type of pain that can cause vomiting and sensitivity to light, and keep people bedridden for days.What this defective gene does is to control how likely it is that certain parts of the brain – parts of the brain that are absolutely critical for the development of migraine – how likely they are to fire, and activate, and thereby produce a migraine.
But because this gene is at the very center of migraine development, by finding a drug or a compound that’s active on the gene, well that then offers hope for something that will prevent these migraines occurring irrespective of whether these triggers are present or not.

Why am I excited?
1. People STILL think that migraines are just a “headache” some people myself included get from time to time…this shows everyone that this is truly a genetic disease that people are born with. And no, I don’t “just” have a low tolerance to headache pain….if anything my tolerance is extra strong.
2. The hope that in the coming years they can use this information and offer better preventative medicine, possible a cure?! I do not know what it is like to wake up everyday without praying “please please let this be a good day” the thought of waking up and feeling like me and not coping with pain daily makes me so happy you do not even know!

I don’t know, it is hard having this thing….something you can’t “see”, it is awful because people can look at me and see that I look “ok” but not realize that inside I am dying. Yesterday I was so sick at work I wanted to cry but my boss is out on medical leave and therefor I could not call in. I have been for the last 10 days having a migraine daily or possibly just dealing with the same one…I must break this cycle. I go to see my neurologist in Friday so hopefully we can try something new!

I just wanted to share this news and to raise awareness!

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