FINAL Challenge

Yes, yes I am well aware that here at the end I have skipped a few challenge’s and well…..too bad! HA! I am going to wrap this challenge up today with ….
“What are your hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365”??

Well, it is odd talking about the next 365 days here at the end of August but I will give this my best shot…..
* I hope to continue to support Matt and his career so we can be on the fast track to him getting his own “district” within Farmers
*I hope to give Matt a wonderful 30th Birthday
*I want to truly enjoy the Holidays…….do “christmas-y” things and spent time with Matt
*I want to get the most out of Fall, my favorite time of the year!!!!
*I hope that we can start the new home search
*I also hope that my car doesn’t die and that I can get a new one? Anyone interested in a 02 Trailblazer pushing 150k miles? HA
*I want my animals to be healthy and happy!

That is it, just some fun nothing to deep things!!!!!!!!!!

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