Challenge Day 20

30 Day Challenge Day 20- What is your Hobby?
A hobby to me is something you enjoy doing in your spare time and I have 3 things that I love do the most!
1. Cooking/Baking, I love watching cooking shows and then trying out the new recipes. I DVR practically every show on Food Network in case it is something I will want to try! I love trying out a new dessert and I usually make something new every Sunday for Matt & I! I look forward to one day when I have a kitchen that is not the size of a cracker jack box so I can expand on my hobby!!

2. Reading, I love reading books and magazines!!! I lay in bed every night for at least an hour and read before I fall asleep. Reading is the perfect relaxing escape after a long day!

3. Lastly…going to Movies!! I think we all know how much I love going to the movies if not for the large amount of “Movie Reviews” I always share with you all! Honestly the Moore Warren which is a beautiful theatre by my house if one of my most favorite places to be!

Those are my current Hobbies…..I also have boxes filled with scrapbook stuff that I keep meaning to start on so one day I will re-ignite my hobby for scrapbooking!

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