Challenge 25 & 26

Challenge Days 25 & 26 – Explain your Day & Week in detail!

Since I missed yesterday I will combine these two while trying not to bore you all to death!!!!
Monday- What in the heck did I do Monday? Wow, this is sad….Here is what I remember…..I went to work as usual. I actually did alittle bit of online shopping. I went home made a shrimp dinner, watched Bachelor Pad and then finished a GREAT book. (Review to come in a few)
Tuesday- I went to work, and they are staining/ painting in the building so I felt sick. I went home and was excited that a book I pre-ordered months ago was waiting for me on my Kindle….The Mocking jay, the 3rd book in the Hunger Games! OOh!! ps….I made Amish friendship bread…to DIE for! I THEN…..made packets to hand out at the Scentsy show I am doing Saturday! Wish me luck!
Wednesday- I opened one eye at 7 and WHAM a migraine about knocked me out!! SO I got up took my mega pill and called in to work….I then returned to bed until 11. I got up, ate, had some coffee and re-assessed the situation. I got to feeling a little better so I went to check out the new 1/2 price book store by my house and then came back home to lay down. I then watched The Back Up Plan on the couch with my dogs and had a enjoyable afternoon with the exception of the migraine nausea. Around 5 I fixed myself dinner and as soon as I sat down at the coffee table with a bite on my fork Abner jumped off the couch and yacked on my leg!! So I threw dinner away and took care of Abby, I was worried he threw up for about an hour!!! Finally we relaxed and watched the season premiere of Ghost Hunters!!!! THEN last night we heard ALL sorts of commotion outside around 10pm and I opened the door to find 2 police cars and it freaked me out. I am home alone every night until about 10:30 but last night Matt was home earlier for once. He went outside and then found out the lady next door called 911because some strange man was beating on her door demanding to come in. Creepy, I live in a real nice part of town so this was odd to me!
Today- I have been at work and then I got my hair done over lunch! So we will see where the afternoon takes me!
WHEW!!! Bored yet??

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  1. Becky
    August 26, 2010 / 9:01 pm

    Not bored at all…I think it is neat to read how my friends spend their days.

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