My main squeeze

So one of my main squeezes has been at the vet all day for a full work over…Oscar was due for a ton of shots, a little grooming and I need better answers regarding his allergies. Dropping him off is awful, breaks my heart….he literally clings on to me with his little arms and cries. AWFUL! I know he is in great hands though. I wanted him to stay all day because if you remember back last round of shots he swoll up like a blow fish and had to be rushed back, so I wanted him under the doctors care all day. And of course he did blow up again so on top of everything my little guy got 2 steroid shots in both arms and is now doing much better. What is the word on his severe allergies? Well, alot actually……….. Oscar doesn’t just get the sniffles…his ears swell up and get infected, he develops a yeast infection under his arms and his tummy breaks out in hives ALL THE TIME! So they think it is more than the weather…..they think he has a food allergy. SO here is the plan………………..

For the next 8 weeks, he will be on a strict diet of a pure food containing ONLY salmon and potatoes (this should also help him loose weight) he is not to have ANY thing else….even 1 treat and we would have to start this food trial over again. It takes 6 weeks for all the allergens to get out of his system and from there start to heal. This will be hard…. I am now feeding 3 dogs, 3 different types of food at different portions! God, help me! Just pray this is it….I want him to be healthy and happy! These are my children! So today’s vet bill should be super!!! Wish me luck!

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  1. Becky
    July 7, 2010 / 7:26 pm

    Good luck with that!

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