Meet Rachel…

This is Rachel, as in Rachel from Friends….because this little gal is so friendly! Whats the story? Ugg, where to begin……………

So our neighborhood has alot of neighborhood cats such as Ninja and Bubba who have owners but they are able to frolic thru the neighborhood all day. (Not my cup of tea but whatever) During the past month I have noticed this gal but figured someone was doing the same thing, no biggie. She has never came up to us until Saturday night. And I believe 110% that God told her to come to me because she needs help. She has a bum leg, as in she must of gotten into a fight and it is infected and she is limping. I asked around who she belonged to and everyone said she is a stray and they see her get in and out of the drainage ditch! GREAT!  So we put food and water out…what worries me is that she is not eating much so I worry she is real sick. So today I am going to try to lure her into my cat carrier and take her to my vet. For a price they will take her, help her and try to adopt her out…. is a cat I don’t know worth $70….yes! This is a living creature and how anyone could just turn away knowing this lovely creature is suffering and hurt is beyond me! I didn’t see her this morning, so I will try again at lunch and then before dinner…I just hope I can get her the help she needs before it is too late. Rachel has consumed my thoughts all weekend and I am so stressed out for her!  I will keep you updated! But I really and truly believe that God told her to come to me and I will help her. It seems to be my calling, if only God would send me some money!

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  1. Becky
    July 13, 2010 / 12:23 am

    I hope she is okay!

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